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Project "Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovica" is 20 months duration project, funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo, under EU Regional Economic Development Programme. Project is implemented by Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) as the Applicant of the project, in partnership with D&G Solutions.

The target group of the action are women start-up businesses from the Municipalities of Mitrovica North & South. Women have been chosen as they still confront many barriers to starting a business or expanding an existing business. The purpose of the project is to upgrade the low business skills of women entrepreneurs in North & South Mitrovica, establishing closer economic and social cooperation by:

  1. Founding a sustainable network of comprehensive support around women engaged in economic activities (experienced women business mentors), in order for women start-ups to get acquainted with basic business skills, business relations, marketing and branding of their products.
  2. Increasing / improving the (self)employability, productivity and income-generating capacity of women start-ups/new businesses.
  3. Increasing business revenues for women business start-ups by financing high growth and employment generation projects in both areas.
  4. Improving economic cooperation between North & South Mitrovica.
  5. Contribution to reconciliation of people through social and economic cooperation


Overall objective of the project is to contribute sustainable economic and social improvement of North & South Mitrovica through inclusion of women in private sector development. Specific objective is the establishment of supporting business environment for women start-up entrepreneurs in North & South Mitrovicë/a. Project will result in 1) Enhanced business operations of women start-ups/SMEs in North & South Mitrovica; 2) Increased participation of women in business activities by 15% in North & South Mitrovica; 3) Increased number of women business ventures by 15% in North & South Mitrovica.
Empowering women to actively participate in the competitive business environment and to the improvement of their economic performance in Northern Municipalities of Kosovo through common actions, strengthening capacities, and marketing of products. By inclusion of more women in the labour market in Mitrovicë/a, the action will strengthen the role of women in influencing the economic revitalization and ethnic conciliation between North & South Mitrovicë/a. This will be achieved through assisting the women to start their businesses, link them with experienced counterparts and facilitate the marketing and promotion of their products and services. Project is designed to support achievement of the Strategy for the Economic Region North, specifically, the priority No.2 - Improvement of the Competitive Business Environment. The importance of bringing more women into the private sector as an incentive of social and ethnic reconciliation is recognized.

The objectives of this Action will realize the Kosovo's Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) main goal on introducing a culture of entrepreneurship for Human Resources improvement and economic regeneration. The territory where the action will focus are municipalities covering population of 130,000 people, of which 17,000 are Kosovo Serbs (according to OSCE Municipal profiles, September, 2009). Economic growth has been proven as the best way to break the vicious circle of political and ethnic impasse.

It is expected that 100 women start-ups will receive capacity building, whereas 30 women start-ups will also receive sub-granting for improving the development of their products and services. The support to cooperative production, group marketing and promotion and support to services to start-up entrepreneurs, including social enterprises, arts and crafts producers and other creative developments as a planned result will be addressed in full by CBM Mitrovica and D&G solutions. This will be performed through:


  1. Networking and capacity building of women start-up entrepreneurs, and
  2. Provision of consultancy & sub-grants for cooperation & marketing of women start-up entrepreneurs.