16:00 12.12.2016 | BWM team


On December 8th, CBM organized the closing press conference of the project ‘’Supportive Business Environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a’’. In this occasion the achievements of the project were presented, while the event was attended by media representatives and project beneficiaries.

The ‘’women start-ups’’ project results were unfolded for by Vetone Veliu – project assistant in CBM. ‘’Over the course of 24 months, during which this project has been implemented among others we have achieved to create women entrepreneurs network, 100 women participants from North and South Mitrovica have received trainings in various business fields, and 33 women have been granted in the amount of more than 112,000.00 EUR’’ – said Mrs. Veliu. According to the CBM representative except the economical empowerment, through this project implementation significant contact between women from North and South Mitrovica has been initiated.

Two of the project grantees: Fatmire Musa and Habiba Busevac expressed their gratitude for the support given to them through this project on starting and developing their businesses.

The main objective of the ‘’Supportive Business Environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a’’. was to contribute to sustainable economic and social improvement of North & South Mitrovica through inclusion of women in private sector development.

This project implementation started 2 years ago by Community Building Mitrovica and D&G Solutions, and is supported by EU Office in Kosovo, co-financed by Municipality of Mitrovica South and MOTT Foundation.