15:30 11.11.2016 | BWM Team


Women awarded grantees from North and South Mitrovica, as part of the project “Supportive Business Environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovica” had the opportunity to be part of an exchange visit to Bujanovac/Bujanoc(Serbia) and Gostivar(FYR Macedonia). Within this activity they visited different businesses and for two and a half days shared their own experience with business women from Municipality of Bujanovac/Bujanocand Municipality of Gostivar.

Mr. Enis Salihi the Head of Office for Local Economic Development and Mrs. Fazila Azemovic expert associate regarding local economic development at the Municipality of Bujanovac/Bujanoc warmly welcomed women grantees, who also had the chanceto visitwomen led businesses (handcrafts, beauty salons, cooperatives) and exchangecontacts with their colleagues. Similar experience of meetings with different stakeholders from the business field was reserved for the women from Mitrovica, also in Gostivar.

Women from North and South Mitrovica during the exchange visit learned about best practices in business from experienced business women.

Project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a”, is implemented by Community Building Mitrovica in partnership with D&G Solutions, and is supportedby EU Office in Kosovo, co-financed by Municipality of Mitrovica South and MOTT Foundation.