Women in Business: Stories of empowerment

Over 100 women from North and South Mitrovica, coming from different ethnic communities, rural and urban areas, have been part of the project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a”. The project aims to contribute towards sustainable economic and social improvement of North & South Mitrovica through inclusion of women in the private sector development and the establishment of supportive business environment for women start-up entrepreneurs.

In the framework of this project several result have been achieved, as: the creation of women entrepreneurs network; 100 women participants of the project received trainings in various business fields; 33 women of this project have been granted in the amount of more than 112,000.00EUR, at least 20 women that participated in the project have been self-employed, while during the project implementation consultancy and mentoring was provided for the women project participants by business experts.

This project is implemented by Community Building Mitrovica in partnership with D&G Solutions and is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, co-financed by Mitrovica South Municipality and MOTT Foundation.

Ajten Sahatҫiu

00:22 20.01.2017

I was informed for this project from the beginning and participated in the information sessions where I immediately expressed my wish to participate in the training sessions.

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Rejhane Doroci

00:19 20.01.2017

I initially decided to participate in the project ''Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovica"in order to learn new things, which I knew will serve me in the future.

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Nadire Hasani

00:16 20.01.2017

The business that I lead ''Sofra’’ offers household products, such as chutney/ajvar, different types of jam, pickled products and other variety. We cultivate the raw products, such as fruits and vegetables, and this is where we faced challenges due to thelack of funds for soil processing and other needs.

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Adile Istrefi

00:13 20.01.2017

My business was born from the project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a”. It is "Nardi Group" and deals with the cultivation of birds, poultry and chicken egg production.

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Emine Haxhiu

00:09 20.01.2017

I heard about this project for the first time from other women. I expressed interest in participating in the project and began to attend the trainings where we learned all about building and managing a successful business.

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Miljana Mitrović

00:06 20.01.2017

Our business idea, before we were engaged in this project, was to start a business, which will enable us to offer gluten-free food, vegetarian food, and fish and also to prepare fast food having in mind the needs of our clients.

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Qefsere Kadriu

00:00 20.01.2017

I have worked in the quail business before my participation in the CBM project, but without this grant support I would not have been able to continue with this business, as I would not have been able to manage the high expenses that such business requires. With this grant we obtained one hundred and twenty two (123) cages for quail birds and an incubator with a capacity of up to 1200 quail eggs.

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Hanife Hamiti

23:54 19.01.2017

In the training organized by Community Building Mitrovica as part of this project, I gained all the knowledge and lessons needed in order to start a business. All participants also gained a lot of ideas as what type of business to develop further.

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